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who works at The Culham Science Centre Nursery & Preschool?

Our children spend their time with caring and gentle adults who are fun to be around and who genuinely love being with them.  Our nursery staff know all the children really well.  All our staff are well qualified for their role.  Everyone is trained in first aid and safeguarding. All our staff are encouraged and supported in further training in general childcare and in more specialised areas such as Special Educational Needs and also in practical skills like food hygiene. 

Read on and meet some key members of the team!


Area Manager and Nursery Manager


I have been working for Oxfordshire Nurseries since 2006 when I was appointed manager of the Culham Nursery. Since then I have developed my role and now oversee the other two nursery settings in the group. I love children and have two grown up boys of my own who I adore spending time with. My husband and I love camping with the boys and enjoy keeping fit. I have been known to like the odd glass of wine as my other passion is cooking.

I am a qualified Primary School Teacher as well as an Early Years Professional and have an Advanced Post Graduate Certificate in Education.   I'm very proud of the nurseries - I'm always striving to implement the very best practice in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and am lucky enough to have an Outstanding team supporting me (and it's fantastic that Ofsted agreed in their inspections in both 2012 and 2015). 


Nursery Operations Manager



I'm a qualified Nursery Nurse and have worked at the nursery since 2003; I love my job! I joined the nursery as a trainee and over the years have gained valuable experience in all age groups. I have progressed up to my current role where I am passionate about managing and supporting the staff to provide the best development and care for the children. It's fantastic to get to spend my days with such lovely children and a wonderful staff team and I find it very rewarding. Outside of work I love to spend time with my family, especially my young niece and nephew. I'm a huge spectator sport fan and love to go watch live sport such as tennis at the O2, football, athletics and live shows such as Strictly Come Dancing. 


Upper Preschool 2 Room Leader and Assistant Deputy Manager



Having joined the team in 2013 I have enjoyed the journey from Trainee Nursery Assistant to the role I have now. I am very passionate about childcare and education and Preschool is my area of expertise. I have developed knowledge of working with children with different needs over my years at the setting and have developed a passion for ensuring I am providing an inclusive environment, that supports all children to make progress. The children leave my room ready and capable to start their big journey into primary school and I am proud of the wonderful feedback I get from teachers about what successful learners they are. I am a fun-loving person with much energy and you will always see me laughing and joking with the team, who I love working with.


Upper Preschool 1 Senior Room Leader


Having joined the team in March 2017 I have been lucky enough to find a nursery that understands my passion for childcare and education. I love children and always plan fun activities that involve mess and lots of energy! I am a qualified Nursery Nurse and I also have a Level 5 in Nursery Management which I am starting to learn all about. I love football and am an avid Southampton supporter outside of work but you will normally see me playing with a ball in the garden channeling my inner Matt Le Tissier!



Lower Preschool 2 Senior Room Leader



I love working with children and having joined the team in 2015 have progressed from Nursery Nurse to where I am now. I also have a Level 5 in Nursery Management and really enjoy this side to my role. I am passionate about strong role models and instilling a sense of responsibility and independence into the children that I work with but I also love a good cuddle as I am a big softy! I like to build close relationships with parents to support them to give their children the best start in life.

Lower Preschool 3 Room Leader




I joined the nursery in 2016 as a trainee Nursery Assistant to learn all about childcare and education as I have always loved children. I studied really hard and gained my Nursery Nurse qualification at the setting as well as having huge opportunities to gain valuable practical experience in all areas of childcare. I am a bubbly and very giggly member of the team and put lots of energy and enthusiasm into my roll. I adore the children in the Lower Preschool and the wonderful way they look at life, it's such a pleasure to be around them which is why I love my job!

Lower Preschool 1 Room Leader




I joined the nursery in 2015 as a Trainee Nursery Assistant to learn all about childcare and education. I used to be a quiet and shy member of the team but over the years have gained in confidence and am now known for my sarcasm and humour amongst the staff!  I love my job in the setting and have studied really hard to learn all about the preschool age that I work with. I have fantastic relationships with my lovely group of children and i'm especially good with understanding the children who need that little bit of encouragement to shine, just like I did.

Preschool Teacher


I have been at the Culham nursery now since 2011 and both of my beautiful children attend the nursery. I am based in the preschool supporting the children’s development by teaching small groups, in all areas of the curriculum, focusing on their individual needs and learning styles. My passion is planning fun activities that allow the children to learn in interesting and exciting ways and you will often find me doing crazy experiments in the preschool! I am a qualified teacher and love working at the nursery with such a fabulous group of staff.


Preschool Teacher




When I started at the nursery in 2016 I had no idea how much I would be able to progress in my role and use all of the experience I had. I have been promoted from Nursery Nurse to the role I have now and I love it! I enjoy looking at the children as individuals and working out how I can best support them to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. My background in Special Needs has allowed me to identify children who need a little bit of extra support very quickly and turn them into effect and happy learners, ready for school.

Tweenies Room Leader




When I joined the team in early 2016 I worked hard to gain my qualification and am now a Nursery Nurse. The Tweenie room is my home and I am extremely passionate about my staff and children. My children love stories so there are lots of books in my room for them to choose from. Toddlers are the age group for me, I love to see them progress as they make such a huge jump in learning at this age in both their understanding and language. I am always surprised at how clever my children are and make sure they get lots of cuddles and love from me and the team which supports them to feel confident to show us what they can really do!


Wombles Room Leader




Having joined the team in 2015 I have progressed in my role through gaining my qualification as a Nursery Nurse and taking on board all the coaching I have been given. I love my room and my team but most of all I love my Wombles! I am a very bubbly character and quick to laugh, so the children have a lot of fun with me but also know when they need to listen! I really enjoy carpet time with the children as they love stories and singing with us and you will often find me playing and enjoying being creative with my group of little ones.

Baby Room 2 Room leader




I have been at the nursery since 2015 and have progressed in my role to the room leader I am today. I work incredibly hard to make sure my room is organised and happy and I love my team of staff whose skills all compliment each others. I am the ‘mother hen’ of the baby unit and you will often find me coaching and supporting everyone. I am dedicated to the work I do and my favourite times are playing with the babies and exploring the outdoors as I love the garden and outside area.


Baby Room 1 Room Leader




When I joined the team as a Nursery Nurse in 2016 I found a home. I love the babies and my wonderful staff team and have progressed to lead the room, which gives me so many opportunities to display my creativity. Each day brings new challenges and no two days are ever the same in the nursery, which is fantastic. I have a true passion for my role and love to have fun with my team which is why you will often hear us all singing and dancing in the baby room with our lovely children!



Senior Nursery Cook



I love to cook, it is my biggest passion and something that has always been a part of my life. Having joined the team in 2014 I have found a great place to work and an environment I love. I am well known across the nursery group for my no-nonsense attitude and high standards and it is because of this that I oversee all the nursery kitchens at each setting and all three have been awarded a 5* food hygiene rating, which I am extremely proud of. Cooking for such a large group of children is challenging but rewarding. I work closely with my assistant Louise to prepare not only healthy and well balanced, nutritious food but also cater for all dietary requirements. I am lots of fun and you will always find me singing along to the radio and laughing with the team.


Assistant Nursery Cook



In January 2017 I started working with Angela in the kitchen and have found that I absolutely love my job. I work very closely with the baby room leaders to ensure our littlest children are well provided for and do like a cuddle every now and then! The kitchen is a great place to work and Angela and I are often described as a well oiled machine as we work so well together and both love our jobs. I like to have fun but work very hard and there is never a dull moment!