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Culham Nursery retains Outstanding rating December 2015

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Facilities made for growing children

Tailored for each stage of development

Our nursery facilities are all purpose built and designed with your child and their developing needs in mind. We have spacious rooms, lots of natural light and direct access to the garden from all rooms. We have many different areas to our large garden, separated by low, wooden fencing allowing our youngest and oldest children to all play outdoors together safely. The children use our beautiful outdoor space in all weathers as our large garden is filled with mature trees with lots of different activities on offer such as climbing equipment, a large deep sandpit and areas for gardening. The garden also has a meandering path which all the children spend endless hours doing laps around: as they grow they seem to progress from pushing buggies to riding scooters to riding bikes and we've used this opportunity to teach them about one-way traffic!!!

Young children learn and develop best through having the freedom to play and explore in an environment which is set up for their age and stage of development. They can then feel relaxed and confident and you know they are safe. Our carefully planned nursery environment encourages small children’s natural curiosity and creativity. We provide facilities which give our children carefully monitored opportunities to freely explore and discover, we help them make sense of the exciting world around them and of course play with other children and make friends.

We have different rooms for different ages of children and this allows us to set each room up and provide equipment for their evolving needs. For example, in the baby rooms we have safe and comfortable areas where your baby can learn to roll and crawl and explore with equipment designed for their limited mobility. We provide soft cuddly toys, treasure baskets to explore and toys for chewing and as they find their feet we have areas perfect for cruising around the furniture and lots of wheeled toys to support their wobbly little legs as they learn to walk. In the preschool rooms your child is developing good gross and fine motor skills (gross motor skills are the ability to do things like climb and jump, fine motor skills are the ability to form letters with a pencil or use scissors to cut out shapes for example). Your 3-year-old may want to do construction with big pieces of wood or drawing with coloured pencils. As children get older we offer more challenging toys and facilities to meet their changing needs and ensure there is plenty of scope for new challenges. 

Baby rooms (up to 18 months)

Tweenies and Wombles (18 months to 2.5 years)

Lower Preschool (2.5 - 3.5 years)

Upper Preschool (3.5 - school age)l